Nordic/Baltic GeoGebra Conference photos

Mikon fysiikka ja matikka

10th Nordic&Baltic GeoGebra will be this year in Tarto. Here are my photos from earlier conferences/seminars. I write the first thing I remember about the happenings.

1st conference in Reykjavik 10.-11.8.10. Hannu Korhonen had his 65 year birthday. photos

7.-10.4. 11 Nordic GeoGebra meeting in Norway. I remember the picnic in the rain, grilling shrimps. photos

2nd Conference. September 30th – October 2nd 2011, Vilnius. I remember Frank Zappa statue and meeting first time Michael. photos ( I did not find these online. Had to republish.)

Nggc seminar 2012 Marstrand. Here I learnt about Lasse-Maja. It was cold. photos

3rd Conference in Tartu. I had a birthday party. friday photos, saturday photos, sunday photos

nordic geogebra seminar january 2013 in copenhagen. We worked hard for the new application. First time wrote Google Docs with several people at the same time. photos

4th Conference in Copenhagen. I was in…

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